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Prefabrication, flashing

  • Cold framed sections by press-brake bending
  • We produce steel and aluminum profiles cold framed by press-brake bending. We manufacture standard sections, as well as untypical profiles on demand.

    Our offer encompasses:

    • Flashing
    • Profiles: Z, C, L, Ω, Σ
    • Skylights and smoke dampers bases
    • Box gutters
    • Outside windowsills
    • Interior decorative elements
    • Other profiles on demand

    Whether you need standard or untypical solution we offer our help.

    We work on following materials:

    • Raw aluminum sheets, covered with polyester or powder coated (up to 4 mm thick)
    • Zinc coated steel sheets (up to 2 mm thick)
    • Polyester covered steel sheets / PDVD (up to 1.5 mm)
    • Stainless steel sheets (up to 2 mm thick)

    We offer additional preparation of sections:

    • Making holes on sheet surface: round, oval, rectangular, square
    • Making of bevels, undercuts, angulation, convergent section, etc.

    We provide following services:

    • Technical council
    • Help with designing
    • Deliveries according to construction schedule
    • Execution of untypical orders

    Thanks to the use of CNC lathes, our products are characterized by accuracy of dimensions and repetitiveness of shapes. Our products stand out of rigid elements and flat surfaces.

    We guarantee quick project implementation!

  • Milling of aluminum profiles
  • HOLDUCT offer involves milling of aluminum profiles. We offer also machining in the range of manual and CNC milling.

    Flashing of aluminum profiles with the use CNC milling centre guarantees accurate performance of milling, drilling, threading.

    The length of flashing profiles up to 70000 mm

    Y-axis travel range – 485 mm Vmax=60/min

    Z-axis travel range – 340 mm Vmax=30/min

    Automatic clamp positioning system enables positioning of a material.

    We provide technical support for our customers. Moreover, delivery time is reduced to the minimum.

  • Water jetting
  • HOLDUCT offers high-pressure water jetting services.

    Water jetting is a modern method of materials treatment. It utilizes the concentrated energy of high-pressure water jet, the water pressure amounts up to 4000 bars. The method may be used in treatment of materials such as steel, aluminum, wood, glass, paper, rubber, foams, textiles and other.

    Fast and precise water jetting technology is more and more often utilized in production of machines and various equipment (for example covers, sieves, cogged wheels); decorating elements made of ceramic, gres tiles, stone, furniture and even advertising material, such as spatial letters and company logos.

    Water jetting parameters:

    • Thickness of cut materials up to 60 mm
    • Maximal size of a sheet: 1500 x 3000 mm, up to 1000 kg
    • Accuracy of water jetting: ± 0,1 mm
  • Thermovision analysis
  • Thermovision is generally associated with construction, and especially in this field, it has a wide spectrum of use. Inspections with thermovision cameras are needed because of loss of heat, problems with buildings, leakages, hydraulics, sewage system and drainage. On the basis of such tests, audits for cold ventilated façades made of composite, aluminum or steel panels are prepared.

    Thermovision analysis plays also important role in industry. Moreover, the method is also very useful in the fields of electro power engineering, electronics, mechanics, and heat insulation of industrial facilities.

    In order to verify our own elevation and façade solutions, we provide a full range of thermovision analysis. We do thermovision inspections both for companies and private customers.

  • Profiles rolling
  • We provide rolling of profiles; we are able to make profiles up to 6000 mm long. For further information, please contact our Sales Department.

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