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Ventilated façades

We are specialists in the field of designing, production and assembly of modern façades. We offer comprehensive façade systems, covers of façade details, rolled and profiled elements, open works (perforations, expanded metal net) and shutter façade systems with necessary flashing.

We work on products based on:

  • Steel sheets (also stainless), aluminum sheets, titan-zinc sheet, copper sheet
  • Expanded metal net and perforations
  • Aluminum or copper composites (Alucobond, Reynobond, StacBond, Albond, TECU)
  • HPL laminates (Fundermax, Trespa)
  • Mineral plates (Rockpanel)
  • Mineral – acrylic plates (Corian, Staron)
  • Glass cassettes (Metra)

As a leading manufacturer of ventilated profiles we offer:

  • Cassette, panel and plate façades
  • Profiled, perforated, open work façades
  • Covers of pillars and other façade elements of various section shapes
  • Comprehensive flashing of attics (aluminum, copper, stainless steel)
  • Various shapes façade shutters
  • Splay/window lining and sills flashing

Additionally, we provide services such as bending, cutting, welding and rolling supported by experience and professionalism of our designing team. To meet our customers’ demand, we offer comprehensive service adjusted to each project – from designing, prototyping to its implementation, and satisfying our costumers.

We offer our experience and help whether you need a standard or untypical solution for your projects.